Conrisa has many different solutions available for your image and sound system. If you want it all or just parts we are happy to help you choose


Today’s market is in constant change both when it comes to models and especially technology. Consequently, we don’t keep televisions in stock but are able to provide almost any model within a very short period of time.

In general we recommend all our clients to buy LED TV’s. Mainly because this technology, by our opinion, is superior to both LCD and Plasma. It uses less energy, provides more light to the screen thus a sharper and better image.

Other elements to take into consideration is obviously size, refresh rate and connection points. We are here to help you through the “jungle” and find the right television set for you!

Sound systems / Home cinema

Through our partner at BOSE we are able to deliver complete sound systems for not only your living room but your entire home. Through their intelligent module based system you may divide the sound throughout your home and at the same time connect many different sources. This means you can have your Blue-ray player on in one room, your iPhone in the kitchen and for example the radio in your bedroom. All speakers, cables and amplifiers are hidden in walls and ceilings eliminating any visual disturbances. Feel free to contact us today for a free house call and informal conversation regarding your requirements.

We can also provide smaller sound systems / solutions should you not desire / have the space for a larger scale installation. We are happy to assist regardless for finding solutions in all ends of the scale

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