Following the crisis Spain has seen higher unemployment and generally tougher way of life for the man in the street. Thus, crimes as break-ins and robberies are in growth. Furthermore, here on the coast other hazards are to be considered. E.g. are forest fires, gas and water leakages.

Through our security group we are able to provide complete solutions to aid securing your property against all kinds of damage and loss. We are also able to assist you finding the best insurance deals on the market covering all aspects should you suffer any personal or general loss / damage


Sleep well at night with our gas, smoke and water leak detectors. These detectors secures your home against all dangers not related to crime. If you combine these detectors with our alarm central outlined above you will be notified by SMS on your mobile should there be any problems at your home providing you with the possibility of reducing damage dramatically

Alarm & Camera Surveillance

We install standard house alarms with the possibility of remote monitoring via your mobile phone. We also have camera surveillance with record units which can be both record and play real-time through a browser based interface. In general it takes between 5-10 minutes from the alarm gets triggered until the security team is in place. Therefore we make sure your surrounding areas are covered in order to reduce the time available for any criminal to enter your property. This is especially important related to the so-called “gas robberies” taking place the last few years where the intruder gasses the inhabitants and makes them completely helpless for periods more than 24 hours

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